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Using Google + Pages For Business | DB Enterprises Online

Using Google + Pages For Business

With the new Google+ business/brand pages the big G seems to be getting quite a bit of attention these days. The question is what’s in it for businesses and how can it be used. Look no farther because There is a great little article on what how to use Google + for business over at Search Engine Land … Below is a little taste. 

Think About Your Google+ Profile

Just like when branded URLs were released in Facebook, there may be a mad rush to secure popular brand names. But it’s likely that Google will be monitoring this closely, so use your real business name.

Think of how you approach your Google Place listing, or other local listings. Make sure to completely fill out your profile, and use video and images.

There are three things you should know about when you create your Google+ page:

  1. A Google+ Page cannot follow someone unless he/she follows them first
  2. A branded Google+ Pages cannot mention someone unless that person follows them
  3. If someone removes a Google+ Page from his/her circles, that person is removed from the Page’s circles as well

What Not To Do With Google+ For Businesses

Of course the first thing I did when Google+ for brands launched was look for Facebook (not that there was any expectation that Facebook would be here), and couldn’t immediately tell which listing was the real Facebook:

However, this is a good representation of how claiming and verifying your brand is valuable. There are some obvious inaccurate choices in the suggestion area, but I can’t easily tell if they have an official profile or not.

Likewise, make sure the content of your Google+ page accurately represents your brand strength. For example, PBS is a national brand with popular programming that’s syndicated all over the world. Sadly, there is no video content on the PBS Google+ profile.

Amazon is a great brand – I think of Amazon, I think of books, the Kindle Fire which goes on sale today, Amazon Prime, and well, shopping. I love the tagline – Earth’s Biggest Selection.

Go over and read the rest here the article is filled with ideas and some nice links to articles on how to set up your Google + page, enjoy: http://searchengineland.com/what-businesses-brands-can-use-google-plus-pages-for-now-101121

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