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Privacy Issue Getting In The Way Again? | DB Enterprises Online

Privacy Issue Getting In The Way Again?

Well it looks like people and their privacy are getting in the way again of tracking.  Most of the big producers seem to be covering their butts on this issue. Can’t  really blame them it’s a hot topic and when to Government gets involved it’s a down right nightmare. Just look what happened yesterday on the SOPA/PIPA issue.

Here’s a little quote from an article on Apple phasing out their unique device identifier.  Which basically means mobile marketers better be looking for another way of tracking  clicks and app installs. 

Why is Apple raining on the ad network parade? The obvious reason is the campaign for user privacy. Users don’t seem to like the fact that they’re being tracked on their web-capable devices. Of course, if Apple is so concerned about the user, why is it “phasing it out?” Why not just stop it dead with the first iOS 5 update? Answer: it would lose everyone a lot of money, including Apple. The bottom line is that the most downloaded games on the iPhone rely on mobile advertising to keep their numbers pumping, and phasing out UDID gives everyone a chance to transition their business or find alternate ways to track users. Ultimately, advertisers need to find accurate ways to track ad engagement without using any real personally identifiable information (PII).

The issue of user privacy is in its infancy on mobile right now. Most people have no idea what information on their phone is tracked when they install new apps or engage with advertisements. Even major mobile app marketers have no idea what information ad networks are pulling from user devices unless they’ve decompiled those ad networks’ software development kits themselves. That’s one of the reasons why everyone keeps calling mobile advertising the “Wild Wild West.” No one seems to know what anyone else is tracking or storing, and regulation is extremely weak, but that won’t last long.”

Read the rest here it’s worth a look: http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/30829.asp

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