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How Do People View Your Social Profiles Across the Web?

Well there just happens to be and answer for that. Mashable and EyeTrackShop have teamed up to create some nice heat maps of the top social profile pages.


Included are Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Klout, Reddit, Digg, Tumblr, Twitter, StumbleUpon. Pretty interesting yet no surprises it’s just nice to know that most people look at he same stuff we all do. 

Go and read the article and look at all the heat maps here: http://mashable.com/2011/11/30/social-profile-eye-tracking/

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Did Facebook Buy Gowalla?

That’s the big question isn’t. Neither party seems to be talking at the moment. Here’s what  a report from CNN said on the matter.

 Facebook has acquired location sharing service Gowalla for an undisclosed sum, according to a source close to Gowalla.
Facebook declined to comment on the deal. “We don’t comment on rumor and speculation,” a company spokesman said.
Most of Gowalla’s employees, including founder Josh Williams, will move to Facebook’s offices in Palo Alto. The team will work on Facebook’s Timeline feature, which launched at this year’s F8 conference and is gradually rolling out to Facebook’s 800 million members. 
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Is Google Forcing Business Owners To Buy Advertising?

With the new bubble ads appearing on Google Maps a few business owners are speaking out. 

Here’s one response:

“It’s a bit disheartening to go to the trouble of creating a good Google Places business listing only to see an ad for a competitor prominently placed right smack in the middle of your map pin bubble – with a highlight color, to boot! :(

I understand this is probably How Google Wants it to Work. So how do you fight it? Does Google let you buy “Anti-Adwords” to prevent this from happening? Or do I just go for retaliation by buying Adwords that place my ad on my competitor’s listing?

If the ads were only on the side of the page with the listings I guess I could live with it, but right in the middle of my bubble – it just strikes me as mean.”

I read this response on Mike Blumenthal’s blog. Quite the look into the SMBs mindset concerning these ads. We all now that the big G can be quite the bully when they want to be. This seems to me that this is just another example of the search engine giant getting a bit greedy and forcing business owners to purchase advertising from them. Do they really need to sqeeze another billion dollars from the SMBs out there? Ahhhh… Nothing like a little American greed. 

Here are a few suggestions Mr. Blumenthal had for Google. 

Google could and should be providing tools and techniques that improve advertising returns and tracking information. Rather than feeling forced to take out ads to defend their good name, businesses should be motivated to take out ads that increase business and improve analytics, ads that create a bond with Google not a deep seated resentment based on Google’s ability to manipulate.

Here are a few suggestions (I am sure that you can think of more) for Google that might function as alternatives to the Bubble Ads that would increase Google’s income while providing real solutions to the SMBs:

If Google feels the need to sell that space in the bubble then bring back the Tags and allow the SMB to use the space for that.

Provide a meaningful coupon solution that has visibility.

Offer up a low cost call tracking mechanism that doesn’t muck up a listing and works across the internet.

Report out substantial local analytics (what ever happened to that Places analytics upgrade that briefly made its appearance last year?) that provide additional insigts.

Add additional transactional capabilities (like Hotel Booking) that disintermediate more expensive alternatives.

These are all solutions that would increase Google’s income and NOT be perceived as lame attempt to force advertising. I am sure that you can add more ideas that would be improvements over the bubble ads. What would they be?

All of these improvements would be great. Just don’t hold your breath.

Have anymore suggestions to ad to this list? What feature would you like to see added to Google Place? Personally I’m pulling for better analytics. 

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Study: Interest In Mobile Growing

It seems the small business owner is finally starting to realize the importance of having an online presence and are looking to spend more on mobile marketing next year according to Ad-ology Research. Enhanced Online News recently published an article highlighting some of the findings of this study. 

Small businesses are clearly on board with online marketing overall, but interest in mobile is up sharply, according to Ad-ology Research. More than 20 percent of small business decision-makers say they plan to commit more resources to mobile marketing in 2012, up from the 12 percent who said the same last year.

“Even the smallest businesses are putting more resources into online, and really see these newer ways of marketing as a way to reach new audiences. That said, many small businesses – even ones moving into or increasing plans for online – still rely on traditional media”

Compared to previous years of the annual Small Business Marketing Forecast, the increased interest in mobile is striking: In 2009, just two percent of small businesses surveyed planned increased resources for mobile. Online video should also see increased usage with nearly a quarter saying they plan increased resources for online video, up from 18.4 percent in 2011.

“Marketing opportunities using mobile devices are rapidly emerging just as they did for the Internet many years ago,” said C. Lee Smith, president and CEO of Ad-ology Research. “Small business owners are increasingly connected themselves and recognize mobile as a viable way to effectively and efficiently reach potential customers,” Smith said.

The Ad-ology study reveals more than 80 percent of U.S. small business owners have a smartphone compared to less than half of the general population. The ability to deliver a new ad message quickly is the number one factor in using online and mobile marketing for small business.

Read it he rest of this great article here: http://eon.businesswire.com/news/eon/20111129006313/en/mobile-marketing/mobile-apps/mobile-app-development

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Mobile Shopping Explodes Durning Black Friday

Well it seems to be a little late but this may actually be the year mobile becomes the player in the online world many have been promising.  Nothing like Black Friday to get some eye opening numbers of the possibilities the mobile platform offers. 

Check out these numbers:

According to the IBM Smarter Commerce benchmark of online retail activity, mobile platforms were responsible for 14.3% of all online shopping traffic on Black Friday, more than doubling the 5.6% of traffic IBM recorded last year. Perhaps even more impressive, sales from mobile devices reached 9.8% of digital retail transactions, tripling the 3.2% of last year.

eBay, reports that it processed more than two and a half times more purchases on Black Friday this year than last. The company’s mobile payments arm PayPal said it saw a 516% increase in transactions using their system and a 148% increase over current averages for Friday traffic. eBay’s interactive services company GSI Commerce also said it had seen a 254% increase in mobile sales over Black Friday in 2010.

Wow PayPal saw a 516% increase. I bet they feel confident that their mobile site was a good investment. The one thing that seems to be lacking from many companies is a good mobile experience for users. If more companies would invest in their mobile presence more mobile visitors would stay on their sites instead of bouncing due to the frustration of getting full site that’s hard to navigate. The mobile user just can’t be ignored anymore. 

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Great Shopping Cart Abandonment Inforgraphic

Want to learn how to improve your shopping cart abandonment  issues? 

It’s a real eyeopener!

Check Out SERP Turkey

The kids over at SEOMoz have done it again. You have to go and check this out.
Fun and interesting. Read below to learn more…

SERP Turkey logo

Introducing SERP Turkey: A Free Tool to

Split-Test and Gather CTR Analytics of SERP Entries

Measuring CTR data in search engine results is notoriously difficult, and with Google’s recent move to HTTPS for logged in users it’s only going to get worse.

The problems include, but are not limited to:

  • How can you record the clicks?
  • How can you know what position you were in?
  • What snippet was shown?
  • What did the other entries look like?
  • What ads were shown?

There are so many factors and no good way to gather the data meaning that the signal-to-noise ratio basically makes the exercise worthless. Furthermore, the delay in making changes (trying a new title, for instance) and getting data is simply agonizing.

What I wanted was a simple way to measure the change in CTR for a given search query’s results when I adjusted entries, but nothing existed…. so I built it. I think I got pretty close to what I wanted; it isn’t perfect but it is quick, cheap and the signal-to-noise ratio is the best I’ve seen (certainly for the price!). Here I show you how I tested it, and how you can use it for your own tests.

Introducing SERP Turkey

My plan was simple:

  1. Build a dummy search engine page.
  2. Create multiple instances of the SERPs for a given keyword.
  3. Push Mechanical Turk users to these pages and measure the clicks.
  4. Examine analytics. Be happy.

Go and check out the full article and and a link to the tool at: http://mz.cm/vbJXz0

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10,000 Hours to Become A Master … Interesting

Well it looks like now I have a solid answer to what it takes to become a master at something.

Copyblogger recently wrote a post on this and personally I found it very interesting . Here’s a taste … 

What does it take to be the best?

The best copywriter, the best graphic designer, the best blogger, the best content marketer?

The off-the-cuff answer is 10,000 hours, popularized by the great Malcolm Gladwell book Outliers. That’s what you need to become a renowned concert violinist, a brilliant mathematician, a chess grandmaster, a Pulitzer-winning novelist.

That’s 20 hours a week for 10 years.

You may respond to this one of two ways. You might get depressed and re-consider applying for that barista job at Starbuck’s. Or you may decide to sit down and start plunking away at those hours.

But there are some serious problems with both of those approaches.

The problem with giving up (besides the biggest problem — that it’s no fun) is that it assumes there’s nothing to be gained between hour 1 and hour 10,000. That you’re nothing until you’ve mastered greatness, and the road is too hard and long, so what’s the point?

And the problem with settling in to grind the hours out is that it matters — a lot — what kind of practice you put in for 10,000 hours.

10,000 hours of playing the scales is easy (if really, really boring), but it won’t get you to Carnegie Hall.

And even 10 hours of the right kind of practice will bring you something meaningful and interesting, and it builds the foundation for something you can start using today, not 10 years from now.

Go and read the rest now… http://www.copyblogger.com/content-marketing-mastery/

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Using Google + Pages For Business

With the new Google+ business/brand pages the big G seems to be getting quite a bit of attention these days. The question is what’s in it for businesses and how can it be used. Look no farther because There is a great little article on what how to use Google + for business over at Search Engine Land … Below is a little taste. 

Think About Your Google+ Profile

Just like when branded URLs were released in Facebook, there may be a mad rush to secure popular brand names. But it’s likely that Google will be monitoring this closely, so use your real business name.

Think of how you approach your Google Place listing, or other local listings. Make sure to completely fill out your profile, and use video and images.

There are three things you should know about when you create your Google+ page:

  1. A Google+ Page cannot follow someone unless he/she follows them first
  2. A branded Google+ Pages cannot mention someone unless that person follows them
  3. If someone removes a Google+ Page from his/her circles, that person is removed from the Page’s circles as well

What Not To Do With Google+ For Businesses

Of course the first thing I did when Google+ for brands launched was look for Facebook (not that there was any expectation that Facebook would be here), and couldn’t immediately tell which listing was the real Facebook:

However, this is a good representation of how claiming and verifying your brand is valuable. There are some obvious inaccurate choices in the suggestion area, but I can’t easily tell if they have an official profile or not.

Likewise, make sure the content of your Google+ page accurately represents your brand strength. For example, PBS is a national brand with popular programming that’s syndicated all over the world. Sadly, there is no video content on the PBS Google+ profile.

Amazon is a great brand – I think of Amazon, I think of books, the Kindle Fire which goes on sale today, Amazon Prime, and well, shopping. I love the tagline – Earth’s Biggest Selection.

Go over and read the rest here the article is filled with ideas and some nice links to articles on how to set up your Google + page, enjoy: http://searchengineland.com/what-businesses-brands-can-use-google-plus-pages-for-now-101121

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Hint for Mobile Marketers: Offer Incentives

It seems like most mobile users are finally warming up to mobile marketing … As long as there is something in it for them. 

Here’s what the Marketing Pilgram blog had to say about a recent survey…

“A recent survey of 1,000 consumers returned a very nice result — 62% said they’d be willing to make a purchase on their mobile device. . . but only if they were incentivized to do so. Coupons, discounts, loyalty points and gift cards were all mentioned, but oddly, so was text alerts. So maybe it’s not so much about saving money, as it is about being given an easy link to click on.

According to the survey, which was conducted by Sybase 365 and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), shows that mobile interest is increasing at a rapid rate. Last year, only 32% of those surveyed said that an incentive would encourage mobile spending.

Without any incentive, respondents said they’d still use their phone to research their shopping trips. 38% use it to find store locations, 34% compare prices, 27% use it to look up product reviews.”

Read the rest of this great post here: http://bit.ly/veVWM0

With the holiday season right around the corner if you don’t have a mobile marketing plan by now … Maybe next year. 

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