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Negative Reviews Can Actually Be Good For Business | DB Enterprises Online

Negative Reviews Can Actually Be Good For Business

If your not monitoring your business reviews, you should start immediately if not sooner. Not only to listen to what you’re customers are saying and let’s not forget they’re your best bet in finding out where improvements can be made. 

If you’re business gets a negative review don’t freak out it can actually improve how customers view your business. Any normal person knows it’s impossible to please every single person. By that rational having all positive reviews can seem fake. Consumers in today’s online world a quite a bit sharper than most business owners give them credit for so do get caught up in making sure your reviews are all rainbows any glitter. 

Andrew Shotland wrote an informative article on how to respond to negative reviews.

“But there’s a lot of lemonade to be made from those review lemons. After all, negative reviews can increase sales. Negative reviews can help potential customers feel like they have “done their homework” which moves them further towards making a purchase decision. Negative reviews can also add credibility to your positive reviews. And perhaps most important, negative reviews give businesses a chance to respond and show how awesome they really are.

So when your business gets slammed on a local review site, be it a legit complaint or a crackpot customer, you can’t afford to ignore the negativity.”

There is a list if exactly how to respond to negative reviews here: http://selnd.com/uNADXI

So next time you’re business gets a negative review take a moment to look at the big picture, respond and look like a hero. 

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