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Is Google Forcing Business Owners To Buy Advertising? | DB Enterprises Online

Is Google Forcing Business Owners To Buy Advertising?

With the new bubble ads appearing on Google Maps a few business owners are speaking out. 

Here’s one response:

“It’s a bit disheartening to go to the trouble of creating a good Google Places business listing only to see an ad for a competitor prominently placed right smack in the middle of your map pin bubble – with a highlight color, to boot! :(

I understand this is probably How Google Wants it to Work. So how do you fight it? Does Google let you buy “Anti-Adwords” to prevent this from happening? Or do I just go for retaliation by buying Adwords that place my ad on my competitor’s listing?

If the ads were only on the side of the page with the listings I guess I could live with it, but right in the middle of my bubble – it just strikes me as mean.”

I read this response on Mike Blumenthal’s blog. Quite the look into the SMBs mindset concerning these ads. We all now that the big G can be quite the bully when they want to be. This seems to me that this is just another example of the search engine giant getting a bit greedy and forcing business owners to purchase advertising from them. Do they really need to sqeeze another billion dollars from the SMBs out there? Ahhhh… Nothing like a little American greed. 

Here are a few suggestions Mr. Blumenthal had for Google. 

Google could and should be providing tools and techniques that improve advertising returns and tracking information. Rather than feeling forced to take out ads to defend their good name, businesses should be motivated to take out ads that increase business and improve analytics, ads that create a bond with Google not a deep seated resentment based on Google’s ability to manipulate.

Here are a few suggestions (I am sure that you can think of more) for Google that might function as alternatives to the Bubble Ads that would increase Google’s income while providing real solutions to the SMBs:

If Google feels the need to sell that space in the bubble then bring back the Tags and allow the SMB to use the space for that.

Provide a meaningful coupon solution that has visibility.

Offer up a low cost call tracking mechanism that doesn’t muck up a listing and works across the internet.

Report out substantial local analytics (what ever happened to that Places analytics upgrade that briefly made its appearance last year?) that provide additional insigts.

Add additional transactional capabilities (like Hotel Booking) that disintermediate more expensive alternatives.

These are all solutions that would increase Google’s income and NOT be perceived as lame attempt to force advertising. I am sure that you can add more ideas that would be improvements over the bubble ads. What would they be?

All of these improvements would be great. Just don’t hold your breath.

Have anymore suggestions to ad to this list? What feature would you like to see added to Google Place? Personally I’m pulling for better analytics. 

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